Our Company


We are a local company with over 20 years of homebuilding experience using those same standards and materials in all projects.

We build solid structures that will protect your belongings, look good and last!

The removal of fences and landscaping is not required.

Our Standards


Controlling precipitation is essential to make any structure last. Our designs include 6" overhangs to keep rain and snow off the walls.

To promote air flow, we integrate a soffit and ridge ventilation system. Many mass produced sheds have no overhang and inadequate ventilation which can lead to rot, mold and other problems

Structurally, we build using a double top plate to ensure wall and corner strength.

Our roof framing consists of a solid ridgeboard and hand cut rafters - unlike others that eliminate the ridge and use plywood gussets to hold rafters together.

Our Pricing


How are our prices competitive if they are built with better materials?

- we don't incure expensive shipping and trucking costs like many out of state mass producers.

- local lumberyards provide materials at competitive prices that we pass on to our customers.